The Best 10 VPN Services of 2020

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Choosing the best of the best is not an easy task. Much depends on the extensive tests performed, but an important part of this also depends on you, the user. Everyone has different needs when it comes to a virtual private network (VPN) service ( read our VPN guide here ) and like it or not, it is not easy to find one that is the best in everything.

In general, however, after having gone through many VPNs, I have noticed that there are some important names that have emerged over and over again and have been extremely qualified in all key categories. This includes privacy and anonymity, speed and stability, levels of customer service, technical features and, of course, additional features plus pricing options.

Quick comparison and review of VPN plans (updated in July 2019)

For overall excellence in almost all categories, there are three VPN service providers that you should check-in 2019.

The best priceLoginEncryptionServersNetflix supportP2P supportDispositions
Surfshark$ 1.99 / month256 bits800Unlimited
ExpressVPN$ 8.32 / month256 bits2,0003
NordVPN$ 3.49 / month256 bits5,0006
Torguard$ 6.95 / month256 bits3,0005
FastestVPN$ 0.83 / month256 bitsPartially10
Private AI$ 2.91 / month256 bits3,000Partially5
Hot spots$ 2.99 / month256 bits2,000PartiallyUnknown5
Pure VPN$ 2.87 / month256 bits2,000Partially5
VyprVPN$ 5 / month256 bits700Partially3
IPVanish$ 3.70 / month256 bits1,100Partially10

 Useful tips for buyers

Click on the brand names to read the individual review and the speed test results for each VPN service. You can also see the use cases for these VPNs:

The best VPN services of 10 of 2019

1. Surfshark

Surfshark took us by storm, and because of the newcomer to the VPN site, it makes waves. Browse to the top of our VPN list, the 2018 service that is established is fast and powerful and comes at a price of $ 1.99 per month.

Surfshark, located in the British Virgin Islands, has so far been developing its network to include more than 800 servers in over 50. It should also be noted that it also includes the Shadowsocks protocol that helps mainland users bypass the Great Firewall.

The entire Surfshark experience from sign-up to check-in was very fast and pain-free. Even if you may be experiencing potential problems, there should be no reason to worry that their customer support will be resolved quickly and any problems may arise.

Of course, there are also a lot of extras that come with the service making it the number one on this list.

Additional features make Surfshark a very attractive option such as CleanWeb (adblocking and phishing), unlimited calling and nearby giveaway prices sold by long-term subscriptions on.

 Pros of Surfshark

  • Difficult to overcome
  • Fast and stable
  • High protection
  • good reputation

 Cons Surfshark

  • The smallest fleet of servers

Surfshark speed test

Surfshark speed test result from Singapore server
Speed ​​test results from the Singapore server ( see the actual result here ).

Singapore is usually our fastest VPN connection area, but the speeds shown by Surfshark have simply defeated the competition.

Surfshark speed test result from the US server
Speed ​​test results from the US server ( see the actual result here ).

The United States is far from where I am and it appears in loud sounds and low speeds. The downstream is still impressive and more than enough for 4K streaming.

Surfshark speed test result from Europe server
Speed ​​test result from Europe server ( see the actual result here ).

Europe is a kind of middle ground, but the speeds have remained high. In terms of a little loud sound compared to servers in the United States.

P2P and Torrenting

Although torrenting was relatively problem-free, I was concerned about slow downloads compared to normal HTTP performance.

Get Surfshark

2. ExpressVPN


By reaching the top of our list for great performance in all aspects, ExpressVPN is simply the king. Based in the British Virgin Islands, this service provider is one of the safest and most reliable ever.

Hosting the largest of 2,000 servers in 94 countries worldwide, WAN provides users from almost any country with very fast access points. The list of possibilities it offers is long and distinct, including first-class encryption, access to content on geolocation services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and P2P file-sharing support.

Of course, there are also a lot of extras that come with the service making it the number one on this list.

Prices start from $ 8.32 per month onwards, unfortunately, it is soaring.

Pros of ExpressVPN

  • Fast and stable
  • High protection
  • good reputation

 Cons of ExpressVPN

  • Expensive

ExpressVPN speed test

I managed to get 83 Mbps for faster download on ExpressVPN. This is not always the case on many VPNs.

Speed ​​test result from the US server.

The ping rate from the Singapore server displays 11 ms, which is good.

The ping rate from the Singapore server displays 11 ms, which is good.

Speed ​​test result from Singapore server.

P2P and Torrenting

Speeds were smooth for torrents. I think P2P traffic was able to get better speeds than usual.

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3. NordVPN


In the second place, NordVPN is offered outside of Panama, another ideal location for a VPN hosting service provider. With 5,000 servers in 62 countries around the world, NordVPN competes with almost any existing network.

One reason for this great option is its very constant speeds no matter where you connect from. Sure, many factors affect it, but if you get a slow connection, it won’t be because of its servers.

Prices for NordVPN were adjusted in September 2019; their monthly 24 plan starts from $ 3.49 per month.

 Pros of NordVPN

  • Long-term plan prices are reasonable
  • Reputation and coated
  • Huge server network

 Cons of NordVPN

  • P2P is restricted to specific servers

NordVPN speed test

US speeds on NordVPN’s connection were somewhat lackluster. Ping rate = 251 ms.

Speed ​​test result from the US server.

Germany server: Ping = 225ms, download = 31.04Mbps.

Speed ​​test result from the Germany server.

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4. TorGuard


This name may not be familiar to many of you, but you may be as surprised as you feel now. At first glance, the TorGuard client looks like an old school and is not polished around the edges as the top two on the best VPN list.

However, the multiple feature options included with the service and great connection speeds make this one of my best choices easily. The ability to set encryption levels may not seem like a great idea, but it allows users to balance security and anonymity according to their needs.

TorGuard has also started providing access to the next generation of WireGuard protocol, which means it lives on the latest VPN technologies.

Prices start at less than $ 4.99 per month.

 Pros of TorGuard

  • The excellent network of global servers
  • Constant connection speeds
  • Many user-changeable features
  • DPI can bypass China firewalls
  • It has WireGuard servers

 Cons of TorGuard

  • The interface needs a little getting used to
  • At a slightly high price

5. FastestVPN


The VPN provider has one of the most outstanding long-term plans I have ever offered. If you’re looking to buy a VPN and stick to it, FastestVPN comes to a minimum of 83 cents a month according to a five-year plan.

The technical specifications are top notch and come with a 7-day warranty also if you have a heart change. The only downside I have seen is that it has occasional problems with overcoming geolocation blockers and there are limited servers.

 Pros of FastestVPN

  • Relatively high speeds
  • Cheap long-term dirt plans
  • No registration policy
  • High availability and runtime

 Cons FastestVPN

  • A limited number of servers
  • Glitches sometimes in limited geographic location flow

6. PrivateInternetAccess

PrivateInternetAccess (or PIA) has a surprisingly large network of servers – in fact, more than TorGuard. This is great news because in many cases, VPN speed is affected by the actual distance from the VPN servers.

It also comes with an off-road client who has tried to make himself as unobtrusive as possible on your system. This can make something great – or irritate to you – depending on your behavior. Prices start at $ 3.33 per month according to the annual plan.

 Pros of PrivateInternetAccess

  • Huge server network
  • Integrates add-ons like adblocker and anti-malware
  • SOCKS5 Proxy included
  • Great for streaming media

 Cons of PrivateInternetAccess

  • Hard to access settings
  • Limited user interface

7. Shield protection

Hotspot shield is one of the largest VPN providers in the world by providing users with military-grade encryption and hosting across 2,000 servers in 25 countries. It is priced just 2.99 per month on a 2-year plan (with a 45-day money-back guarantee!)

It also supports all currently available devices, from desktops to mobile phones, so you can go ahead and most likely run all diving at home at the same time – a maximum of 5 per account.

 Pros of Hotspot Shield

  • Custom, technical support 24/7 custom
  • Full privacy of contractors
  • The money-back-guarantee period is very long

 Cons of Hotspot Shield

  • Do logging is limited
  • Uses an unknown proprietary protocol (Catapult Hydra)

8. PureVPN

PureVPN takes pride in its excellence in media streaming and bypassing geolocation blocks. This is great for Netflix and other services of this type. Interestingly, it has also exceeded standard desktop and mobile support for branching on fewer devices. This includes support for Kodi and even Chromebooks.

It also has a huge server network covering 140 countries worldwide – one of the most prolific countries. P2P is also supported with excellent encryption and high-security servers. PureVPN prices start at $ 3.33 per month according to the annual plan.

 Pros of PureVPN

  • Ozone-ready servers
  • Dedicated P2P servers
  • Optimized servers for broadcasting

 Cons of PureVPN

  • Based in Hong Kong
  • Inconsistent with our Privacy Policy

9. VyprVPN

Based in Switzerland, VyperVPN is a no-fuss service provider, no concerns that have long existed. They also have the distinction of owning (not renting) their servers, which means they have more control over the security of their services.

For those who are interested in moving to geolocation boundaries on services like Netflix, this can be an interesting option. They have developed their own protocol called Chameleon which is specifically designed to help you hide the fact that you are using a VPN service!

It is easy to use and checks many of the appropriate boxes for only $ 3.75 per month in the annual plan. Note that if you want to use the Chameleon protocol, the price goes up to $ 5 a month.

 Pros of VyprVPN

  • Based in Switzerland
  • Full access to Netflix and other limited site content
  • No third-party servers
  • Easy to use the app

 Cons of VyprVPN

  • A certain level of recording
  • Slow support system

10. IPVanish

Once the top competitor in the VPN world, IPVanish has lost much of its luster since then the logging failure of 2016. Today it is owned by a different company and still offers users the opportunity to operate traffic through more than a thousand servers in more than 60 countries.

With 256-bit encryption, torrenting support and a free SOCKS5 proxy server, it also offers users superior access to the service on their network. Geolocation services are somewhat limited by touch and touch but overall, IPVanish does a good job overall.

IPVanish prices start at $ 6.49 per month according to the annual plan.

 Pros of IPVanish

  • TOR compatible
  • Get a low VOIP fee
  • Prevents deep packet inspection

 Cons of IPVanish

  • Doubtful reputation after the logging scandal
  • Not cheap

VPN use cases

1. Surfshark – the cheapest VPN and the best corporate

Surfshark VPN
Surfshark VPN – the cheapest VPN and best corporate ( online order ).

When it comes to business applications, larger companies often have their own VPNs, but what about smaller companies that are not limited to single or dual users? A 20 to 30 pax strong company, for example, would be stuck in the middle.

It cannot be developed in most standard VPN plans, nor will it be able to support its own VPN network because of its cost and complexity.

This is where VPN providers like Surfshark interfere. By allowing unlimited devices, Surfshark provides businesses with the flexibility they need to operate secure communications for their business. Not to mention the “CleanWeb” function in Surfshark allows you to browse the Internet without ads, trackers or malware; the “Whitelist” function allows specific applications and websites to bypass VPN (which works great with mobile banking applications).

The cheapest VPN

At this time, Surfshark has the best performance/price point on the market. Her two-year plan well fills a gap that often seems to be missing. Most VPN providers encourage users to sign up for three years or more for optimal discounts. If you are considering using Surfshark in a month-to-month payment plan, the fees are about the same as any other VPN service on the market. She really shines in her two-year plan (24 months) that does not exceed $ 1.99 per month (see comparison table below).

I also checked with Surfshark support staff and confirmed that this price you sign in will be valid when it comes to renewal as well. This means that if you sign in to the two-year plan at $ 47.70, there will be no rise in prices when you renew!

VPN Services *1 mo12 mo24 mo
Surfshark$ 11.95$ 5.99 / month$ 1.99 / month
ExpressVPN$ 12.95$ 8.32 / month$ 8.32 / MP
FastestVPN$ 10.00$ 2.49 / month$ 2.49 / month
NordVPN$ 11.95$ 6.99 / month$ 3.99 / month
PureVPN$ 10.95$ 5.81 / month$ 3.33 / month
TorGuard$ 9.99$ 4.99 / month$ 4.99 / month
VyprVPN$ 9.95$ 5.00 / month$ 5.00 / month
IP fade$ 5.00$ 3.25 / month$ 3.25 / month

Get Surfshark

2. ExpressVPN – Best for Netflix and BBC iPlayer; and Android users

Use case for BBC iPlayer and Netflix

ExpressVPN – the best VPN for Netflix, iPlayer and Android mobile (order online ).

Some media streaming services restrict content based on the site due to various factors such as country-specific laws, censorship or copyright laws. This includes BBC iPlayerNetflix. To overcome this, the VPN service will help but not just any VPN will do.

Some VPNs are better at it than others because the majority simply rely on server sites. Better you will actively rotate server IP addresses and perform whitelist activities on previously blocked IP addresses. In fact, some VPNs know they can’t support Netflix and honestly do that in their own terms of service.

With its high-speed capabilities and extremely wide server network range, ExpressVPN is likely to be the best in business with media streaming from most sources – not just Netflix. Its speed can easily meet HD video, and Netflix is ​​certainly at the forefront of most people’s “wish” lists.

Use Case for Android

Android is one of the most prolific mobile operating systems on the market today and the number of users it gains is increasing all the time. This is one reason why there are a growing number of VPN providers supporting this market.

The command is given more urgency when you realize that simply because of the nature of Android – intended for mobile devices – VPN service becomes a greater necessity. The public Wi-Fi network is famous for danger

For VPN, ExpressVPN is a great option because its dedicated app has many excellent features. From snappy design to intelligent website operation, it is designed to make your life as easy and secure as possible at the same time.

Get ExpressVPN

Best VPN for BitTorrent / P2P: TorGuard

TorGuard – the best VPN service for torrent, P2P and corporate (order online ).

Some of you may have heard that VPNs make P2P file sharing (torrent) faster but that is not entirely true.

However, what is true is that torrenting in some countries may make you slapped by heavy fines or even imprisonment if you are mistakenly caught in the wrong material. In many cases, there are also ISPs who are limited to torrenting because they claim that P2P file-sharing devours most of the available bandwidth.

A good VPN – like TorGuard – will help you hack torrents from ISPs.

Get TorGuard

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